The Sara Lee® Premium Meats Experience

The Sara Lee® Premium Meats Experience


Sara Lee® deli brand offers high quality and convenience through a portfolio of sliced-to-order and pre-sliced deli meats and cheeses that simply taste great. Made with no fillers, we offer a wide variety of deli meats, including lower sodium options, found both behind the deli counter and in fresh re-sealable tubs in the deli section near the fancy cheeses. The portfolio includes turkey, ham, chicken and beef traditional favorites, as well as bold and tasty flavors for consumers looking to recreate restaurant-inspired meals at home. Additionally, Sara Lee® Premium cheeses are available in a range of flavorful varieties, such as Swiss, Provolone and Colby Jack to name a few.

Our deli meats are oven roasted in their natural juices and seasoned to perfection. Not only are Sara Lee® Premium Meats great for creating delicious sandwiches, but they are also ideal for other dishes, like soups and salads, toppings on pizzas and for breakfast and dinner occasions.

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