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Buffalo Chicken Winning WontonsBuffalo Chicken Winning Wontons
Savory Ham Winning WontonsSavory Ham Winning Wontons
Crispy Ham Championship RingCrispy Ham Championship Ring
Big Game Meal Board
The Best Sub Sandwiches for The Big Game

It has never been easier to up your game for the Big Game with the help of Sara Lee® Premium Meats and our guide for hosting the ultimate sub sandwich bar!

MVP Grub for a Killer Big Game Bash!

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to go watch the big game in person, but with a few tips from yours truly, you can throw the kind of party that makes your house a close second to Atlanta itself. 

Playoff Party Time!

After eight years stuck on the sidelines watching the best of the NFL duke it out in the postseason, my Chicago Bears finally made it back to the playoffs…only to lose to the Philadelphia Eagles on a double-doink field goal miss. It was a truly unfair way to go for us diehard Bears fans, but […]

California Club Sandwich

Looking for a quick and easy party recipe that will wow your friends and family? Check out this California Club Sandwich!

Let Sara Lee® Premium Meats make the big game with these entertaining football facts

The original football was not supposed to be an oval, rather it was supposed to be round. However, the round balls wouldn’t inflate properly and thus the modern day football shape was adopted.

Hawaiian Pizza Stuffed Mushrooms

If you’re married to a football fanatic like I am, you have February 3rd marked off on the calendar for the Big Game. This is a one pan recipe so it’s quick and easy to make, which is always a win.