This Flatbread Hawaiian Pizza is quick, easy and totally delicious! An addictingly tangy, salty and sweet combination with ham, pineapple, cheese and a little bacon for good measure.

Flatbread Hawaiian Pizza

Ahhh. It’s back to school. That bittersweet time of year when your kids are off for six quiet hours during the day (or three hours in my case, since I still have a preschooler for one more year!). The quiet is nice, but what’s tough about the school year for our family is trying to keep up. With everything. Soccer, dance, music lessons, homework… times three for my three kids. Never in a million years could I have imagined being this busy when the doctors put my first-born in my arms almost eight years ago.

I have found that keeping up is a matter of family teamwork, smart hacks and, well, sheer will power. I’m very excited to team up with Sara Lee® Premium Deli today to share a smart, quick and easy lunch recipe for those crazy busy weekends!

Always On Hand

I try to always keep Sara Lee® Premium Meats on hand at our house. My kids love them in sandwiches for school lunches or quick snacks, and my daughter and I love to add them to salads for an easy way to add protein.

Sara Lee® Premium Meats is one of our favorite sources for quality deli meats because I feel good about feeding it to my family and they love eating it!

So, while my daughter is at preschool on Fridays, I try to get our grocery shopping done for the weekend and the next school week.  It’s much easier this way rather than trying to drag three tired and cranky kids to a grocery store. I just head to the deli counter to grab some Sara Lee® Premium Meats.  These are high-quality cuts of meats in a variety of flavors. My kids’ favorites are Sara Lee® Honey Ham (which you will need for the recipe I’m sharing today!) and Sara Lee® Angus Medium Roast Beef, but there are lots of other flavors too – all fresh and delicious!

Flatbread Hawaiian Pizza

Time to start cooking! Our whole family loves this Flatbread Hawaiian Pizza, with lots of fresh flavors including Sara Lee® Honey Ham, fresh pineapple, gooey cheese and a little bacon for good measure. It is SO easy to make, SO yummy, and on Saturdays when we’re spending almost all day at the soccer field, it’s a perfect quick and easy lunch.

To make this Flatbread Hawaiian Pizza, brush a little olive oil on a flatbread and bake for about 8 minutes to get the flatbread a little crispy. I usually quickly prep my other ingredients while the flatbread does its first bake.

Then pile the baked flatbread high with pizza sauce, cheese, Sara Lee® Honey Ham, pineapple, red onion, bacon, parsley and more cheese (if you feel that there should be cheese under and over toppings in pizza, like me!). Bake for another 10 minutes, and lunch is ready to go!

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