Short on time? Try this Turkey, Apple and Brie Salad for dinner and enjoy turkey sliders the next day for lunch. With Sara Lee® Premium Meats, you can elevate any meal occasion.

live for a good cooking hack. As a busy WAHM, I’m constantly looking for ways to make a quick dinner that’s wholesome and full of flavor. One way is to make a couple of meals at a time (cook pasta for one dish while you chop veggies for another) and another is to use leftovers from one meal and add a few ingredients to make a whole new dish.

That’s the inspiration behind this recipe. I love the idea of a salad/meal bowl full of autumn-inspired flavors, so I stopped by the store to pick up some Sara Lee® Honey Roasted Turkey Breast at the deli counter as well as brie cheese, fresh spring greens and some apples.

Sara Lee® is my go-to for premium quality deli meats at an affordable price point. I feel good about feeding my family high-quality deli meats, and I love to try all of the new trending flavors in my favorite seasonal dishes.

For this Turkey, Apple and Brie Salad, start with a bed of spring greens. Add rolled turkey slices, chickpeas (can roast if you like!), sliced brie cheese and sliced red and green apples. Top off with a vinaigrette dressing and plenty of fresh cracked pepper.

The next day, use the turkey, spring greens, brie cheese and apple slices to make little slider sandwiches perfect for lunch or a snack. I drizzle on the salad vinaigrette for some added flavor. Yum!

Isn’t it fun to get two meals out of one? I love meal shortcuts like these! Check out Sara Lee® Premium Meats for your favorite dinner and lunch recipes. And go HERE for delicious recipes your whole family will love, how-to videos, meal hacks and more!

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