Serving Size   Calories Sat Fat Cholesterol Carbs Sodium Protein
Maple Honey Ham 2 oz 70 .5 G 25 MG 4 G 450 MG 9 G
Lower Sodium Honey Ham 2 oz 60 .5 G 25 MG 3 G 400 MG 10 G
Honey Ham 2 oz 60 0 G 25 MG 3 G 450 MG 9 G
Hickory Smoked Ham 2 oz 70 1 G 30 MG 1 G 410 MG 10 G
Brown Sugar Ham 2 oz 70 .5 G 25 MG 5 G 420 MG 9 G
Black Forest Ham 2 oz 60 0 G 25 MG 1 G 440 MG 10 G



How to Make Grilled Ham Brioche
Deli Sushi
Easy Meal Board

If you haven’t made a meal board yet, you need to. Sara Lee® Premium Meats are the perfect solution for quick and easy meal boards that are guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser.

One Pot Creamy Ham and Pea Tortellini

Make this quick and easy Creamy Ham and Pea Tortellini in one pot in just 30 minutes with Sara Lee® Honey Ham, sweet peas, and gooey cheese for a perfect weeknight meal the whole family will love!

Shrimp and Grits Cakes with Crispy Ham

Shrimp and Grits Cakes with Crispy Ham are the perfect party appetizer for your summer gatherings! Cheesy baked grits cakes are topped with crispy Sara Lee® Honey Ham , sautéed  shrimp, and a spicy, buttery sauce we can’t get enough of. 

Ham, Brie & Cranberry Crostini

Looking for a fun way to elevate your holiday appetizers? These Ham, Brie and Cranberry Crostini are layered with tasty flavors, and they’re a cinch to make!

Cheddar Jalapeño Ham Cornbread

Serve up this classic southern buttermilk cornbread with a twist. Once you try easy side dish, you’ll never make it another way again.

Flatbread Hawaiian Pizza

This Flatbread Hawaiian Pizza is quick, easy, and totally delicious! An addictingly tangy, salty and sweet combination with ham, pineapple, cheese, and a little bacon for good measure.

Ham & Cheese Pinwheels Four Ways

Buttery, flaky garlic butter crescent roll dough with melted cheese, baby spinach, and Sara Lee® Premium Meats. These Ham and Cheese Pinwheels are made 4 ways with a variety of flavored fillings, sliced deli meat, and cheeses, then baked until golden brown, gooey, and crispy.

The Family Pleaser SandwichThe Family Pleaser Sandwich

Ham or Turkey? One sandwich to satisfy all your family’s cravings!

5 Days…5 Ways of HAM-tastic Ideas

Make meal time interesting with these fun, flavorful and unforgettable recipes created with just 1 lb. of Sara Lee® Ham. From waffles and sandwiches to sushi and salad, learn how to prepare these creative recipes that are sure to keep your family asking for more.